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Spring Creek Project has been involved in conceptualizing and curating a of published works, including essays and book collections. Below is a selection of those works. Helens captured the attention of the region, nation, and world, and it continues to fascinate us today: a constant reminder that we live in volcano country. In lucid prose and poetry by some of America's leading writers and scientists, In the Blast Zone explores this story of destruction and renewal in all its human, geological, and ecological dimensions.

Geographies of Destruction and Renewal In the summer of20 creative writers, scientists, philosophers and others gathered together on Mount St. Harnessing the power of this compelling place, they explored ideas of destruction and rebirth in geological, ecological, and human terms. The Foray asked the question: What can this radically altered landscape tell us about how to understand nature and how to live our lives? Here are some responses that have been published in the online journal Terrain.

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Bridging boundaries: scientists, creative writers, and the long view of the forest pdf Through a residency program for individual writers, as well as special gatherings of small groups combined with larger public performances, the Long-Term Ecological Reflections program is deed to bridge the worlds of scientists and creative writers by encouraging them to share insights with one another and with the public.

Blue River Ethic pdf A truly adaptive civilization will align its ethics with the ways of the Earth, but one that ignores the deep constraints of its world will find itself on the threshold of making the planet inhospitable to humans and other species. Considering this, what is our best current understanding of the nature of the world?

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What does that understanding tell us about how we might create a concordance between ecological and moral principles, and imagine an ethic that is of, rather than against, the Earth? The Great Work Our present myths and stories are usually set in a world with a stable climate, static environment, and reliable economy.

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The Great Work of our time is to re-imagine what it means to live well on a changing planet, a challenge set by the late visionary Thomas Berry. Toggle menu Go to search. Search Field. You are here Home ┬╗ Spring Creek Project. .

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Attn Spring Creek women

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