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Home Police? Bud Girl? Mar 20, AM By: Sudbury. Share on Facebook. A Sudbury woman fired from her job as a? Mitchell was charged by police with impaired driving and blowing over the legal limit after the car she was driving hit a hydro pole following a Super Bowl party last Jan. Mitchell garnered national headlines when she testified at trial she was fired by Labatt?

Mitchell testified that after working last year? At the end of the evening, she asked her boss, a Labatt beer sales representative, for cab fare home.

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Mitchell testified she was told? Beer was always available free of charge whenever she worked as a Bud Girl, said Mitchell.

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Conroy argued Thursday the trial judge, Justice J. Bark, erred in accepting the arresting officer? There were insufficient s of impairment to suggest Mitchell was legally inpaired, said Conroy.

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The officer did smell alcohol on Mitchell? Instead of arresting Mitchell at the scene, the officer should have made her blow into a roide screening device, he said. A second officer on the scene didn? There are 12 to 15 ificant s of impairment and Mitchell didn?

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Simply put Slater disagreed saying it? You need reasonable and probable grounds to make an arrest on blowing over the legal limit, but the test for impaired driving is simply whether or not the arresting officer observes clear s of impairment and there were many ificant s with this accused, said Slater. The second officer who testified about not noticing any s of impairment with Mitchell had no direct contact with her until about two hours after her arrest, said Slater. In this case, the arresting officer had more than a dozen reasons to believe Mitchell operated her vehicle while impaired, said Slater.

They include the fact there was an accident, the officer observed the vehicle miss a turn and hit the hydro pole, the fact the vehicle moved from the scene of the accident, Mitchell?

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Drunk sudbury girls on

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