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Excessive delayed mail adversely affects U. The U. In FYQ1 there were 98 million pieces of delayed mail. The level of delayed mail decreased to 61 million pieces in Q2 and 16 million pieces in Q3. We attributed this improvement largely to a lower volume of mail processed in Q3. The addition of employees in Q2 and Q3 also contributed to this improvement.

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An up-to-date operating plan would reflect changes in processing operations and give management an overview of the amount of mail projected to be cancelled. In addition, there were not enough maintenance employees in FYQ3, which put operations at risk. Of the authorized maintenance positions, 64 were vacant, resulting in less preventative maintenance and equipment breakdowns.

Equipment was down for nearly 4, hours for mechanical reasons in FYQ1and Q2, an increase of 12 percent over the same period last year. Finally, additional supervisory employees are needed to ensure adequate oversight; nine of the 26 authorized supervisor and two of three manager, Distribution Operations, positions were vacant in FYQ3. Delays in processing resulting from these areas at risk could cause late mail delivery that could negatively impact service performance.

I sent a letter out on sunday night to a prisoner in dauphin county prison harrisburg p. Im just wondering why that is. You have some serious issues at the Harrisburg, PA post office. I have never experienced such an erratic, disfunctional performance of duties anywhere else. Absolutely horrible. Harrisburg is like a black hole of the postal service. Could be a day, could be a month, before it resurfaces again. Take a hard look, if you are overseeing this operation.

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It needs some he to roll. Or you cou just reopen some of the neighboring facilities that you shut down in years past.

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Perhaps you are pushing too much mail through this one center? Whatever the answer is to this mystery, it is an embarrassment at present to what should be a pride of America, the U. I sent a letter to Hanover, Pa. It is still in Harrisburg office.

What is taking so long? Saturday I sent a "priority mail" to my mom in Newmanstown pa. Harrisburg got the package Sunday so it should have gone out early MondayI wish I had the tracking with me but it is in the car next time i'll use UPS, and this is why you are losing money!! Sep 21 Background Excessive delayed mail adversely affects U. Comments 4.

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