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Re: J m4w Not sure if you are my Donna, but didn't want to leave you hanging on my post. If you are my Donna we live in the same town. What is the first letter of it, or our zip code Friendship w4w Looking for a fun and positive woman that love to go out and have fun. I love to have drinks, shop, movies, and vent. I just love laughter. Lets celebrate the good things in life.

Single adult want sex looking for an older woman 40 or older sexy Salt Lake City Utah for nsa fwb. Xxx women wants nsa. Seeking: I wanting sex dating Relationship Status: Single. Seeking: I am ready dating Relationship Status: Single. Hello, I have my first Status Conference no involved. Both of us want divorce. No lawyers. But, ex lied on original filings: claiming a property to be his when I paid for more than half of the down payment.

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I have all the documentation. I had to immediately take over making full payments, 3 days after divorce filing when house pymt was due because he financially and immediately abandoned me I was working for our business for 3 years and had to scramble and get back on my feet in 3 days.

He did not claim a notarized from me to him when we first met, and in case of separation, he had to pay me back. He did not claim a amount that we are both subject to receiving when settled. He even lied on the length of our marriage claiming to a friend, "the less we are married, the less she can claim" regarding the business that I slaved at for 3 years. He even tricked me with the filing of the divorce papers. I filling them out, he asked me to hold off so we could talk, I said "ok", he was suppose to come over for dinner so we could talk, and wham, he served me with divorce papers.

He is 13 years older, from a Middle-Eastern Culture and everything to him is a "trick," "winning," "coming out on top.

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He got caught in another "trick," after I pleaded with him to go a psychologist. It was like living on the front line, never knowing what was gonna hit me, I turned into a nervous wreck. He put spyware on my computer even though all I did was work and never talk to anyonehe would provoke fights and then secretly record my reactions and then show our employees.

He would tell weird lies about me to our customers and customers were screaming at me. He cannot stand for anyone to have a relationship with anyone and create lies and animosity between people so everyone is "weirded-out" around each other and everyone is afraid to talk to talk to each other. How "armed" and prepared do I walk into the Status Conference? Do I mention the constant "lies and tricks? My assuming payments immediately after he tricked me with divorce papers? The notarized agreement? Or is the Status Conference for something? Thank you. He the picture, and the teacher laminated and made a calender.

I felt worse for him because he had to make 2 calenders one of him and his brother with his mom, and one of them with me. Not sure how he went about explaining that. The part that made me cry was when I saw he had added some dead pets to the scenery. I had to put my black lab down during this fiasco, and he had her there with a halo over her head.

Then I noticed his red betta fish "-" was on there with a halo as well. Understand that he got this fish about a month before my ex left with him. Housewives want casual sex Westfield Iowa 51062 eight months I worried over this stupid fish because it was the first thing he checked on whenever he came over. Asked about on the phone all the time too. With all he was going through, I'll be damned if I was going to tell him I let his fish die.

It was always just me and during all the time I had no contact with my due to false restraining orders, and through the Christmas holidays I had to spend without them. Well, he had asked if he could take his fish to his mom's house, and I asked her if she was ok helping him take care of it while he was at school. She said ok. She let it die within 2 weeks. When I saw that halo over that fish's head, I cried like Hanks when he lost that god damn volleyball. I hadn't punched any holes in the drywall throughout the entire divorce until that night. My -'s new red Betta's name is "-", and he stays with me.

I was home alone last night fired up some porn not sure the title it was something about pursuit of hairy women. My god, this one hairy girl was going to town on and even hairier heavy girl amateur footage. It was small and I just sucked it into my ass To sweeten the deal I unzipped a coach cushion old trick of mine and piled it up so I could fuck it Ever so slowly I thrust into the cushion the material was itchy like I was fucking a hairy beav. When I pulled out and shot, a huge wad easily shot feet.

Damn near collapsed I loved being dirty ; Once I was stuck in a place where a large part of the 'library' consisted of 'Romance' novels.

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After I ran out of my own preferred genres, I took to reading them. Some were of the variety known as 'bodice rippers'. I was shocked by what I read. While women heaped scorn on men who watched or read porn, they quietly consumed vast quantities, themselves, in the form of Romance Novels. Men, for the most part, just don't realize the scope and explicitness of what is in those books. Not all go to the lengths which the 'bodice rippers' did, but a great part of the romance publishing industry is devoted to 'women's porn'. So, when a woman puts down her book and turns to her in bed and initiates lovemaking, why should he not turn to her and heap scorn upon her for her actions?

I'm still waiting for an answer to that one. I merely hear the excuses. Maybe u will see this and get back at me. What are your intentions?? The sad reality is, in life there is some level of conformity. Without it you wouldnt have financial substance to have net accees or the tools to post here.

We have to conform to the workforce, to be supportive partners, husbands, wives, family members and to live in the general community. Do you drive drunk? Do you run red lights? Do you pay your bills? Do you go around flashing people in public? Do you go stealing flowers from fresh grave sites? Do you openly masturbate while eating a happy meal at? I would assume the answer is no to most of these, because its not acceptable or right. I dont care if you want to be shit on s of times while being forced to sing "im a little teapot" there is still respect. My comments on the over all conformity to the forum is just that, a general understood respect.

Respect for ones self, respect for others, respect for making the forum a better place for all. If you cant that the betterment for the group as whole is the furthest thing from an ego trip I dont know what to say. Just remember, I Housewives want casual sex Westfield Iowa 51062 Canadian we over apologize for things, we live in the shadow of the US. The only thing that we have an ego over is, hockey, beer, and Hortons! LOL Oh and maybe the of where we burned down the white house.

So please put all your bullshit aside, and think deep why you are here. And if nothing just give the forum the common respect it deserves. Housewives looking real sex Yosemite Kentucky searching for a good time with out having drama I'm a nice looking lady seeking a single guy, I got shoulder length blonde hair with green eyes, am 5 foot 10 inch and 5 foot 10 inch tall.

I am seeking some one not older then 49 and single. Lets chat and see if we have any chemistry, please send a face to kristinamtolmstead on the place that has got a Y! Electric zoo, free text chat. ARE a refelction of their parents and just because Sir and Ma'am are attached is not the only measure of manners. Local wife looking love free adult dating sites. I am also a lady that likes to spend talking to see whats on each others mind because communication is very important in a friendship.

Housewives want casual sex Westfield Iowa 51062

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