How do i tell who are the real people

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Several months ago, my friend Charles Decker — who knows true experts and has worked with hundreds of them over the past 20 years — connected me with Lev Kaye, the Founder and CEO of the new startup CredSpark.

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And he also knows a faker when he sees one. I asked Lev to share his views about the best ways to tell real experts from the fakes. Real experts are deservedly proud of what they know, but their interest is less self-focused and more other-focused - about how their work and the important information it reveals can benefit others. Fake experts, on the other hand, seem to star in every single story they tell. They've got a clear sense of how far their expertise extends, and where it ends. They never, ever want to mislead you. They can put their own expertise in perspective — in terms of its importance in the world, and the quality of the evidence supporting their points of view.

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They recognize that the role of experts is to engage in debate, not to suppress it. They keep themselves learning. Fake experts are like intellectual slumlords: They keep renting the same worn-out ideas, making virtually no improvements to those ideas over time. But real experts know that in order to stay sharp, they need to keep learning. That retired professor who pays his own way to attend conferences in his field, uncertain of any financial benefit from attending? Fake experts, on the other hand, tend to insist upon getting something from you before they share anything.

They can throw out the standard operating procedure and still function effectively. Think of a master chef in a restaurant: She can create amazing dishes regardless of how much or little is in the pantry, and knows how to keep the kitchen running even if the ovens break. Fake experts tend to have a narrow comfort zone — different approaches and unforeseen problems scare them, because their fakery may be revealed.

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If you meet a real expert in a topic that interests you, you cannot help but find their insights and ideas stimulating, regardless of how polished or not-polished their delivery. However, real experts tend to show the instinct to teach. You may regularly need to meet and size up experts in various roles—as advisors, business partners, providers, employees, beneficiaries or clients.

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Doing so is never simple. Sometimes we spot the fakes too late. But by paying close attention to how experts conduct themselves in early discussions, and keeping in mind the ways to spot the real ones, you improve your odds of benefitting from this Golden Age of Expertise.

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How do i tell who are the real people

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