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Sexual Health is a large term. Disclaimer: please note that the following terms are not fully encompassing of everything that the specific term might include. To learn more about a specific term, please contact Sex Sense, our information and referral service.

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Sexuality includes how someone thinks about and expresses themselves as a sexual being, including thoughts, actions, fantasies, sensuality. Sexual orientation can be different from sexual behaviours. Sexual orientation is fluid, and can change over time. Gender Identity is how you feel and identify yourself: as a woman, man, both, in between, neither, as two-spirit, transgender or anywhere along the gender spectrum. To learn more visit Trans Care BC. Gender Expression is how someone expresses their gender identity or identities. This can be consistent, or change often, depending on the individual.

Body Image is how someone sees and what they feel and believe about their body. Sexual Self-Esteem is how someone sees and what they feel and believe about themselves as a sexual being. Sexual and Reproductive Health Care includes care, access, and experiences of medical health relating to sexual and reproductive areas such as: STIs and HIV, pap testing, prostate exams, pregnancy testing, birth control, abortion, birth, transgender care, etc.

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Reproduction relates to reproductive organs, puberty, menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, birth, adoption, and parenting. This includes trying to prevent pregnancy, birth control, abortion, difficulty becoming pregnant, use of reproductive technologies, miscarriage sor other losses of pregnancy or child ren.

Consent and Boundaries includes topics such as legal age of consent, understanding consent, and personal boundaries. It also includes knowing how to give and receive consent, as well as knowing how to recognize when consent is not given, whether verbally or non-verbally, and how to respond when consent is not given.

Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy is how the sexual and reproductive parts of our bodies work including any gender-based surgeries, and being intersex. for more information on pleasure. Sexual Activities are the types of things we do sexually and the sexual communities we may belong to.

There are a wide range of sexual activities, and what is enjoyable and pleasurable varies from person to person. Employment within the sexual health context relates to sex work and the working conditions surrounding sex work. Our bodies have a major role to play in our sexual health! Our physical and mental abilities, including the p hysical changes with puberty, aging, surgery, and illness that impact our experience of sexual health and overall wellbeing.

O ur sexual bodies evolve from birth until death. Illnesses such as cancer for example may impact our sexual selves. There are many types of health including physical health, mental health, spiritual health, cultural health, social health, financial health, environmental health, etc.

Plus all these types of health can impact each other. For instance, if you are trying to prevent pregnancy and are able to access the birth control you need physical healththis may help to create a more positive mood emotional healthwhich may also positively impact your sense of sexual confidence and sexual self-esteem sexual health. Sexual health is as valuable as any other type of health. How important it is will be different for each person.

Sometimes depending on where you are in the world and your upbringing, sexual health may not be as recognized as other types of health and there may even be shame, embarrassment, fear, and confusion with sexual health. For example, it might feel more comfortable talking about a common cold or Lady wants real sex Heth with family, friends or a doctor than it might be to talk about questions around sexual health.

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On the other hand, you may be very comfortable talking and learning about sexual health. Take a moment to think about how the topic of sexual health makes you feel? A place where hopefully you can learn the sexual health information you would like, see or speak to a professional in the field whether on the Sex Sense Line or at one of our many clinics throughout BC, and come away knowing that sexual health is a natural part of being human.

How we define sexual health will be different for each person. The reason is that sexual health is influenced by many personal and social factors such as:. Think about what factors influence your sexual health? What messages have you been given about sexual health from… if applicable …. What are some of your own values and beliefs? How we experience our sexual health is also part of how we experience the world. For example, there are many factors that health researchers have identified that can impact our health including sexual health.

Another example is if someone is a newcomer to Canada and may not speak the language or have the health care card that will allow them to access the sexual health services they need. As you can see, our sexual health is as individual and complicated as the various Lady wants real sex Heth of our lives.

Human sexuality rarely falls into neat or lends itself to simple labeling, but rather is a rich and complex area of human experience. Sexual health is personal, psychological, relational, cultural, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Search for: Search Button. What is Sexual Health? Sex What is Sexual Health? Sexual health includes: Sexuality. Sexual Orientation. Gender Identity.

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Gender Expression. Body Image. Sexual Self-Esteem. Sexual and Reproductive Health Care. Experiences of unwanted violence and coercion. Consent and Boundaries. Relationships and Intimacy. Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy. Sexual Activities. Our Bodies. So Much More! What other topics can you think of that fit under sexual health? What influences Sexual Health? Have a question about sexual health? Ask Our Experts.

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Discussing Sexual Health with Your Patients