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In the play "Meadow-Brook I Farm," the author. Mann, has left nothing undone to supply an abundance of scenery, and appurtenances, giving a fitting environment to a most beautiful story. January 9, means an enjoyable visit to nature own beauty spot. Th Servant in th House.

Bradford and Mr. The Beacon todny Interviewed. Bradford and Wiiddoll, who ure nut of the city. Kindt'ord, it is understood, opposes the change. Waddell's attitude is unknown. Of the others Messrs. Counoilmen Dolos Woods, Means, Taylor and Burton declare oiitrlKht for it, while Whitlock and I'liugh indicate that they might favor the- commission form If the law Is amended to embrace the features of the Loa Moines phm. What They Say. George F. Whitlock: "Under present condition and present law, no. I might alter my views If the law win amended. It Is hnrd for me to siiy yes or no, at present, as either answer la not conclusive and might he ml.

Am not opposed to it us a general theory and a principle, but fear Ha effects as the present law is con-atrupd. Means: "I think It Is nil rluht. I I want to see the present law amend- j ed. With the law amended and In j operation, and the right men at the head of it, I am in favor of It " i Delos P. Woods: "You hi t I am in i favor of It. I think the fewer the bet- ter in both business and municipal KOVernment.

The whole council Is n Joke In a way. A a Kcneral proposition, I favor it. Schell: "I have not then the matter much thought, but so far ns I have looked into It at it'll, I do not think It will ever be a aucceas in Wichita.

It will be more costly and result In the Niton Topeka Kansas swingers political machine var constructed in this city. Three of the commissioners can avt together Biid effect aucli legislation and meas-tirea as they please and make of the other two mere f ii? Any Niton Topeka Kansas swingers movement as a rule, favors elec tive officers anil not appointive. I mlpht be convinced otherwise If present lawa were amended so as to cover these problems, but as It stands I do not aee where we will be any better off.

Jf the people desire It, I will not oppose It personally. At present I hardly know how I would vote on the matter. Mice: "I am opposed to roni-mlsslnn government in any form whatever for the reason that 1 do not believe In the centralization of power. I think there Is more honesty In thirteen moll than In five.

Taylor: "t'nder the rondl-tlona I think we should have irovern-ment by commission above all thliiKs favored It before and have not changed my opinion " W. M Piiuiv'h: "I am opposed to the law we now have on Knvcrtmieiit by commission M e tried to get gov em -meiit by commission before and It was mild the law wit fault It has not heen changed and we have no n jum to believe that It will be altered sails factortly " J. With president and lii.

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T1euh doult the wisdom of otuie on th. Burton "I have nothing to sa j fr publication at this time I will: ear, however, that I voted for the j proMsttlon the flr'-f thm- and 1 nurhtdo so again, provid tia' icrtain unsatis factory features of tin- present law 1 were eliminated and a literal in i n ai tmetit provi.

If not.

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Nausea or Headache. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Costivsns, Colds. Grippe and Malaria.

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Ask v git f r Isji. Saturday evening at the cafe of il,e if'liamher nf t'ommerce the John-ion - i. I bamjuit of officers. This was the second affair of Ibis kind. I'reshlent John I. I'owell Inaniiuraled the custom last year. It has been a year of prosperity and growth which far exceeded the ex pecl. Tlii-i ha rii il i t was for the purpose of Niton Topeka Kansas swingers closer toiteihi r In a common bond of sympathy and co-operation of all factors connei t.

He said he was n Hock Island ing the territory and facilities ror j engineer with a run out of faldwell. No Cloud This Yesr. I "f u'""a fh, zh" hM P'11''0- l he "You see. I we have finishi d our Invoicing and taking ni-count of the year's buslncis, and I find to my own astonishment and also that of the entire illrei tin ate that we far exci ed the preceding onr of I in;, v hii h ns voii know Wa" the boom vear of pro-per-i t v for tlie southwest in all its history "We c. Ilv e a re I ill,'. Ill. It of t h is om -pal'V 1 a- t"1,--,!

John I. IV vv ell. I lil, VV I". S' "II. X Ollip. It ti sl i, j. I Cla II Hger of s. Tills ho is. Is it. I'll 1. W II I 'kl. II I" as. V 11 ,. Hot t h. C-'l M. He arr. Rnrracks at Night. He nppiariid tit the office of I'liief of I'oliee i:mi iy and asked per-inl. National bank en IioiiKlas avenue and hcu.

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Moses fiet Ills Wife? Ill a short time the sidewalk and tlmrotighfiirc were l.

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Ml "He Isn't here hut will be soon," re- plied Thompson. Score took a trip tn dreamland. Soon the chief i tune In. The chief went over to Score, and seizing hnn by the shoulder, said: "Wake up here Who are you? What do yiui vv ant? He ti gained possession of his faculties in police court this morning and was fined lb1 The t'ui rent lav i nt club will meet Friday cv. Supper will be served at ti: 15 0 i La k. Tim regular club xvlll meet ut i oiloik. Mrs l'latt will have charge of the ui'i'tiug.

The Slal ke- il'll IV club will meet Wednesday evening. Supper will be served at H I. The lass is reading Met, li. Mis- tltace I 'avis will hi the leader. The 1. A iiiiim-1 1 piogta ii lis i. The S. The new o-i. I I 0. Uig end i 1- - 1.

Nmatter seat X sit an I,-- t, l,ai, v. VT-1 a t "St. KXt 1 V xB,u ,--t. The annual report of the Wichita t'nlon Stock Yards, which will be ready for distribution tomorrow, will carry to the live stixk Interests of the southwest tin- record of the most remarkable us well as the most siioeess- ; ful year In the history of the livestock business of this city.

Not only that hut It will show that the Wichita market In the past year has made a growth which is without parallel. The report will show that during the Niton Topeka Kansas swingers months ending January 21 there werehead of porkers handled through the Wichita stock yards. This Is 1, head more than was predicted by The Iteacon some time before the end of the year. The receipts were 4.! The Increase for InThe year ofwhich to that time was by fur the largest the.

Although S was a bad cattle year the receipts: In the cattle division at! The increase is 13,-' 7 tH, or over 14 per cent. The I Rain In cattle receipts over was j Uri per rent. Soma Sheep, Too. Wichita has never been considered! Tet In jthe year of she can boast of an I Increase In receipts nf sheep of 62 per i cent The total received was!

Niton Topeka Kansas swingers

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