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Her candidacy was the most successful to date by a woman, perhaps partly because that glass ceiling was already strewn with fissures from more than other women who, according to Smithsonian. Woodhull made known her intention to seek the presidency in a letter to the New York Herald on April 2, Woodhull was an outsider candidate in more than a few ways. Not only was she a female candidate at a time when women could not vote, but also, at age 31, when she wrote to the Heraldshe was four years too young to serve as president, according to the requirements of the U.

Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stantoncarefully distanced themselves from Woodhull, whom they considered an eccentric at best. At worst they saw her as an uncouth libertine loony whose advocacy of free love and interest in spiritualism could damage their movement. But if free love connoted loose morals to many people, for Woodhull it meant the freedom to love and marry the person one chose and the right to divorce.

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Her decidedly insurgent candidacy, though, helped break ground for the women who would run for president after her, from the pre-suffrage candidacy of Belva Ann Lockwood in and to the candidacies of Margaret Chase Smithwho at the Republican convention became the first woman to have her named entered into nomination at a major party's convention, Shirley Chisholmwho in became the first African American woman to run for the nomination of a major political party as its candidate for president, and Pat Schroeder, who briefly pursued the Democratic nomination.

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Seeking first aa woman

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