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This course introduces basic concepts of financial and managerial ing with emphasis on how ing reports are used by internal and external users. This course introduces financial ing concepts and reporting with an emphasis on measuring, recording and reporting transactions for business entities. PR: Students in Honors Program and consent by the honors director. Independent reading, study, or research. PR: Consent. Investigation of topics not covered in regularly scheduled courses.

Introduction to Animal Science. Survey of major disciplines in animal and veterinary sciences with emphasis on related terminology; study of the development of breeds of livestock and their identification. Engages students in active learning strategies that enable effective transition to college life at WVU.

Students will explore school, college and university programs, policies and services relevant to academic success. Provides active learning activities that enable effective transition to the academic environment. Students examine school, college and university programs, policies and services. A comparative study of the production of meat, milk, eggs and wool. Nutrition, physiology genetics, hygiene and physical environment, and economics are discussed as bases for sound managerial decisions.

Basic physiology, nutrition and genetics; economic and ethical consideration of pet ownership; benefits of companion animals in society; aspects of handling and training, behavior, and common health diseases and parasite problems of pet animals.

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Professional Field Experience. May be repeated up to a maximum of 18 hours. Prearranged experiential learning program, to be planned, supervised, and evaluated for credit by faculty and field supervisors. Involves temporary placement with public or private enterprise for professional competence development. Theory and practice of global service-learning.

Essentials of human evolution and prehistory with a concentration on the varieties of languages and cultures found among peoples of the world. Fossil evidence for Sex 40 dating Wileyville West Virginia mass evolution, racial variation, and relationship between biology and behavior. Introduction to the history, methods, and current directions of cultural anthropology. Focus on living cultures across the world, encompassing the whole range of human activities. Consideration of identity, economy, politics, kinship, meaning, language, and inequality.

Comprehensive introduction to the field of archaeology. Course investigates the methods and theories used by archaeologists to understand culture change through time, and the reconstruction of the past through material culture analysis. Study of the art, science, industry standards, and best practices of the officiating profession across all levels of sport.

Examines the past, present and future of sport for athletes with disabilities and those competing at the Masters-level. The focus is on the coaching of these unique populations of competitive and recreational athletes. ACE Principles and Problems of Coaching. Deed to teach students the principles and problems of interscholastic athletic coaching.

Covers historical and current topics relevant to diversity in sport as it relates to current sport practices. Introductory morphological, cultural, and physiological characteristics of microorganisms; application of microbiology to agriculture, home economics, and health. AGEE Global Food and Agricultural Industry. Examination of the history and current developments, structures, functions, and importance of the international food and agricultural industry; issues, concerns and interrelationships and their impacts on American agriculture and society.

Basics of Agricultural Mechanization. Study and application of the foundation area associated with agricultural mechanization. Microcomputer Applications in Agricultural Education. Microcomputer applications in the instructional process of agricultural education; use of applications software, agricultural software, and data bases; and methods of integrating microcomputers into secondary school agriculture and extension programs. Principles and practices of metal arc welding using mild steel. Safety and electrode selection for various metals is covered.

Deed for agriculture applied science students. Theory and practice of deing and constructing structures, electrical circuits, masonry, equipment maintenance, and surveying. Group Organization and Leadership. Study of the impact of leaders and organized groups on societies. Role of groups in conveying cultural norms. Principles and techniques involved in forming and directing organizations in providing effective leadership. Theory and practice of disassembling, assembling and maintaining small gasoline engines and hydraulic devices.

An overview of subject matter related to agriculture in current society. Emphasis on agricultural organizations, environmental and food issues, careers, and programs within the college.

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Continuation of AGRL Introductory course. Soils as a natural resource emphasizing physical, chemical, and biological properties in relation to plant growth and production, land use and management, soil and water pollution, and environmental protection. Regional campus concurrent. AGRN Principles of Soil Science Laboratory. Establishment, maintenance and adaptation of grasses for lawns, golf courses, parks, athletic and playing fields, and roides. Associating differential plant responses with soil, climatic and biotic factors.

Faculty-supervised study of topics not available through regular course offerings. PR: Two courses in chemistry. Digestion and metabolism of food nutrients, nutrient requirements of farm animals, and nutritive values of feeds and rations. Experience in operating a dairy or livestock farm, including layers or broilers, calving, lambing, or farrowing of hogs. Can be repeated up to a maximum of 4 credits. ANPR Appraisal of horses, cattle, sheep, poultry, and swine. Evaluation of scientific techniques used in selecting those species. Tours of representative flocks, herds and stables will be required.

Two 3 hr. Advanced Evaluation of Animal Products. Advanced selection, evaluation and grading of domestic livestock species and animal products. Tours of representative flocks, herds and processing plants will be required. Feeding and management of dairy cattle. Regional campus course requires 30 hours of work on the campus farm. Faculty supervised study of topics not available through regular course offerings.

Introduction to ing for agricultural, rural, and small business managers. Emphasis on the ing cycle, analysis and interpretation of financial statements, income taxes, and managerial ing. Students having prior college credit in ing are not eligible for this course. ARE Introductory Agricultural and Agribusiness Economics.

Introduction to basic agricultural economics and agribusiness concepts, and the application of these concepts to agricultural and agribusinesses issues. Overview of Sex 40 dating Wileyville West Virginia mass agribusiness decision-making process, and the functions of agribusiness management; analysis of financial statements and budgeting for evaluating profitability of alternative enterprises and practices. Introductory Environmental and Resource Economics.

Economic analysis of environmental pollution, natural resource conservation and management, outdoor recreation, public land use, wildlife resources, water use, property rights, and benefit-cost issues. Introduction to the study of art history from prehistory to the present in which major landmarks of world art and architecture are considered as aesthetic objects, cultural documents and within their socio-historical contexts.

The celestial sphere, star time, solar time, Kepler's laws, H-R diagram and modern developments. No sophisticated mathematics used; only simple geometrical arguments employed. ATTR Sport Injury Control and Management. Training, conditioning, protection, and other injury prevention measures. First aid, emergency service, and care related to physical education and athletics. Sports Injury Control and Management Lab. Basic skills in athletic conditioning, application of taping and bracing, equipment fitting, record keeping, modality set-up, emergency procedures for athletic- related injuries and the proper management of open wounds.

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Introductory course in biology: cellular, organismal, and population genetics, including reproduction, growth and development, and evolution. Introductory biology: energetics and physiology of cells, organisms, and populations, including regulation and control of multicellular organisms. Experiments in biology: genetics and evolution; reproduction, growth, and development of cells, organisms, and populations.

Experiments in biology: materials exchange, actions of enzymes, photosynthesis and respiration, and physiology of organisms. An overview of the use of biotechnology to solve agricultural, medical, and environmental problems. Bioethical concerns and societal impacts of the use of the technologies will be discussed. An overview of how common prescription, street and over-the-counter drugs alter body functions. How the body absorbs and metabolizes various drugs, drug interactions, and the biology of addiction will also be presented.

An introductory course presenting basic principles of modern biology. This course represents the first in a four-course, integrated sequence required of biology majors. This laboratory course emphasizes the proper understanding and use of the scientific method to de and perform biological experiments.

Discipline-specific communication techniques, including scientific writing, are also emphasized. Continuation of BIOL The diversity of reproductive, developmental, functional, and integrative mechanisms in plants and animals. BIOL

Sex 40 dating Wileyville West Virginia mass

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