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For a high-level look at the city you may soon call home, take a virtual tour through this aerial video. Like any city, prices vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. For affordable apartments, look in areas like College Gardens or Lincoln Villas. For more luxurious accommodations focus your search in enclaves such as Isle of Palms or Beach Haven. Did you know Jacksonville has the most shoreline of any other Sexy black woman looking for Jacksonville guy in the U. Here are five of its best:. Of course, with more than neighborhoods to consider, those moving to Jacksonville, Florida have more than enough options.

Here are 10 other areas to check out:. Per U. The highest-ranking counties include:. Even though Jax is northeast of Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, it feels much more southern when it comes to accents and attitudes. Jacksonville, Florida weather is the daydream of any northerner: Long, hot summers and short, relatively warm winters.

Winter temps typically range 40 to degrees, while spring and fall average the 70s to 80s. The thermometer frequently hits 90 degrees and the thick humidity makes it feel even hotter. As mentioned, Jacksonville is huge and many areas are perfectly safe. A few of the safest based on crime rates, per Neighborhood Scout are:. Some major employers include financial giants like Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase, a growing hospitality industry, and of course the Naval Air Station, which provides tons of jobs on the massive military base and brings in diversity, too.

Looking for recommendations? Head over to natedoesfoodthe mouth-watering Instagram of a Jacksonville-based foodie who posts local finds like fresh sashimi, roasted cauliflower tacos, and gooey cinnamon buns.

The average household has two cars, and a typical commute time is 24 minutesthough that can vary based on traffic and proximity to downtown. Not much help there! Looking for something to do on a weekend day? From beach hopping and art gazing to catching a show or shopping local goods, head to these sites to entertain yourself and fall in love with the city along the way.

Using our detailed week-by-week moving checklist will make a big difference in avoiding hassles and reducing stress. Thank you, Susan! Thank you for your response!! Can you tell me a part of Florida that has a bit of a country setting or small town feel? Sherrie, I live in Ocala but I recommend Dunnellon if you are not hooked on being near the ocean or Gulf.

Rainbow Springs State Park has kayaking and tubing. There are many quaint little shops and restaurants, too. Fabulous fresh veggie stand on Rte What I love about Dunnellon is there are a small walkable downtown and a major street that has Walmart, Publix, and all the regular chain restaurants.

Ocala has the Mall and is considerably larger and is only minutes away. So you get a little of everything here and I have always found the people to be friendly. This sounds like an amazing town! Do you know anything as far as construction work and housing availability? Close to max is Baldwin. And several small towns. With i 95 going north and south and i 10 going west you. Can get to numerous towns near max. Thank you for stopping by, G!

It has a large military community living there and just min to the base! Winters in Jacksonville are mild, sunny and just plain lovely. You can expect high temperatures around the mids while low temps tend to average around the mids. The 12 x 2 mile boat-shaped Island features a striking range of experiences. There are two world-class resorts — the Omni Amelia Island Plantation and the Ritz Carleton Amelia, along with several international hotels in all price ranges.

You may also be sitting next to a shrimp boat captain or mate, or a crew member of one of the eight nuclear submarines located at Kings Bay Naval Base just across the state line 5 miles in Georgia. I was just in J city and Orange park for the holidays.

How exciting, Ken! We look forward to hearing from you as you plan your adventure!

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Thanks Ken! What a great article, thanks! So glad you found this helpful, Jessica! Good luck on your search and enjoy beautiful Jacksonville! Hi, Sierra! We hope to hear from you soon! Neptune beach would be a little more affordable.

I live near the river in Riverside, Jax. Lots of young people rent in this area. Very walkable. I would suggest renting a place for a year or two to see if you enjoy living here. I am currently looking at a foreign country and was advised to rent for at least a year before making a big investment. Visiting for a month or two in any place does not provide the full experience of year round, day to day life. Moved here in Many changes over time. Too hot! Being from N. Kentucky I miss the hills and curvy ro.

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Being musician since I have performed all over Jax and the Southeast, just in local bands… even once with the Symphony. I could have done none of that in Kentucky. The medical facilities in Jax are great! Hi Raul, Great questions! You can check out our other articles on Jacksonville for insight into moving costs from Miami and the best places to live in Jacksonville. Hi Bob! Check out our list of top 10 things to do in Jax at the end of our Living in Jacksonville article. I totally love living in the city of Jacksonville.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here are the answers to some of the top questions people ask about living in Jacksonville. Source: jtbapartments via Instagram. The town of Orange Park outside Jacksonville features scenic views along St.

Source: townop via Instagram. It only takes about 30 minutes to drive from Jacksonville to the Georgia state line.

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The third largest Navy base in the U. Source: JacksonvilleZooandGardens. Share. Tweet .

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Pin. Share Article Share. They are always building in Jacksonville so there are plenty of construction jobs. Working there for a month this May, what should I do on my weekends? Latest Posts. Need some organization inspiration? Rack up pun intended with these influential professional organizers by LB Gabriel Posted on July 22, Moving to Jacksonville from Miami? Compare moving costs for rental trucks, full-service movers, and portable containers.

Sexy black woman looking for Jacksonville guy

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