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Punched in the face, kicked down stairs, bitten, starved and beaten - women involved in prostitution in Ireland are increasingly at risk of violence. Does this rise in sexual aggression identify a link between degradation of women and the universal availability of hard Sweden single sluts The release last week of the annual report from Ruhama, the charity for women affected by prostitution, triggered a mild flurry of curiosity about the lives of one of the most contentious groups in society.

They were punched in the face, in the stomach, were kicked down stairs, beaten for refusing to have sex with men, were locked in, were refused food, were burned and bitten. The notion of a mutually pleasurable, damage-free transaction — as promoted by the industry and supporters of legalisation — sits wildly at odds with the reality of these engagements. Were it not for the wreckage they leave behind, the self-delusion of the average sex buyer would be laughable.

At one level, these men — some of whom pay for sex up to 10 times a month, according to their own posts — must delude themselves that the women find them irresistible. She went by a different name then. She hates her clients, hates the job, hates the world. Stay well away from it.

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I hope one day you give me another chance. The men are getting younger, she says, and more physically aggressive. The stories about lonely men just wanting to chat, are a myth in her experience. Marie agrees that there are women who freely choose prostitution for the money.

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The link between increased aggression and more degrading demands from younger men with the universal availability of hard pornography is impossible to ignore. Clearly, the wide availability of sex for sale throughout rural Ireland — increasingly in counties such as Longford, Roscommon, Monaghan and Wexford — has not reduced sexual crime in the wider population.

Working on the premise that prostitution entails serious harm to both individuals and society, and that without demand, there would be no prostitution, it became the first country in the world to introduce legislation criminalising the purchase, but not the sale, of sexual services. Since then, street prostitution has been halved, according to a Swedish Ministry of Justice report in July, while in neighbouring Norway and Denmark it increased dramatically.

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In other words, the ban did not result in a wholesale shift from street prostitution to the internet. And prostitution has not been driven underground, as was feared. The most dramatic result, perhaps, is the marked shift of attitude that has come over the Swedish population in 10 years. More than 70 per cent now take a positive view of the ban, in sharp contrast with Norway and Denmark.

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As for the women who work in prostitution, the pattern tells its own story. A prostitute's life: 'Whether it hurts the woman or not, the men don't care' Mon, Aug 30, Kathy Sheridan. Most Viewed. Watch More Videos.

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Sweden single sluts

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